Dr. Fausto-Sterling is a regular source for media commentary and background interviews. Here you’ll find her video and audio resources.

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Gender Animated

Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling breaks down gender identity development with an animated video. Click here to watch.


“Active Queering: Anne Fausto-Sterling, Julie A. Nelson and Mads Ananda Lodahl.” Click here to watch.

Dr. Fausto-Sterling gives the keynote presentation at The Foundation for Psychocultural Research UCLA 2015 Sex/Gender Conference. Click here to watch. 

A conversation with Evelynn Hammonds on the history of feminist science studies. Click here to watch.


Changing Sex, Changing Sexuality“, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling’s lecture at the University of Utah conference. Click here to watch.


Podcast appearances

12/4/17, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling appeared on Talk Nerdy the podcast with Cara Santa Maria to talk frankly about gender and sexuality, including a discussion of its scientific, political, and social influences. Click here to listen.

9/27/16, “Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling: The Social Construction of The Body, Feminist Theory & Science”, Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling is interviewed by Real Feminist Stories. Click here to listen to the podcast and read the article.

Broadcast appearances

3/15/17, “FUNČKE IN PANTKI”, Slovenian students interview Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling on the Slovenian translation of Sex/Gender: Biology in a Social World. Program begins in Slovenian, but Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling’s segment is in English. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

11/13/16, “Zwischen Mars und Venus ist noch Platz”, a German radio program features Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling’s work. Click here to listen to the broadcast and read the transcript, both in German.

Media Inquiry

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